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DEFORMED ANIMALS!! Check out these bizarre beasts, photographed at Ripley’s in Niagara Falls!



blackbackedjackal: Finally got my old gal out…


Finally got my old gal out of storage! Though I’ve had a few VC things for many many years, Jynx was the piece I consider the start of my collection. I’ve had her since 2012 <3


Found this poor thing near the today. Must have been trying to pick over the remains.


My mom told me about a roadkill near our house so I went to investigate. Walking alongside the road I saw something on the other side that was antler-shaped, albeit deceivingly stick-like, so I brushed it off as so, but my ever-present curiosity won the best of me and soon I was suspicious of its true identity. I crossed the road and lo and behold! It’s tiny, about seven inches long. It was broken off upon impact. The carcass was beside it on the grass. I searched for the other antler but the setting sun was too bright and I had to get home soon, but I’ll come back and try to find it later.

winterwolfen: thegreenwolf:Source (please do …



Source (please do NOT remove, thanks!)




My teeth collection update:

– bag full of fake teeth prosthesis

– 3 wisdom teeth, 1 golden tooth,

– bunch of baby teeth

– adult cat cranium

– kitten jaw

– sheep maxilla

– pig jaw



Ug. I can’t wait for my engineering courses to be done so I can start on my geology classes.

In the meantime, have some debatable delightful taxidermy from the little shop of horrors antique shop near my home town!

Honestly relating to that fox right now

gecko097: I haven’t been able to do a formal …


I haven’t been able to do a formal shop update in a while, mainly because every time I go to do one, the item(s) already sold, so I just want to show off this little mouse I did that you can get here



Weathered doe skull