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Ayyy new setup! ☠️🤘🏻
As labeled:
1: Plastic gargoyles with glowing red eyes
2. Old (both post- and pre-mortem) white-tailed deer buck
3 & 4. Two domestic dogs, top one likely a terrier and bottom likely a sighthound
5. Matching white-tailed deer antlers
6. Common snapping turtles
7. Coyote mandible
8. Raccoon
9. Domestic goat
10. Domestic cat
11. Gar mandible
12. Broken white-tailed deer antler
13. Obsidian arrowhead
14. Domestic pig
15. Horse
16. Plastic monster skull off of an action figure
17. Plastic human skull

Chamois Goat
From a good friend!

Age and sex unknown (I did try to research if there was a way to tell but both males and females have horns). 

These dudes have such unusual horns but they are so cool! 
This one might need a bit of a clean up but that’s okay

Reeve’s Muntjac

Male, Age Unknown

I’ve been after one of these for a while, I adore them. They’re so cute and their skulls look like little dragons and they’re just fascinating. 

SO this boy is called Dragon (I’m so creative) 


White tipped reef shark jaws

Age and sex unknown 

Horse, the biggest in my collection

You guys can probably tell but I just use black books as a backdrop, it’s usually totally fine but this boy is just too big to hide it well so please forgive that! :’)

Stallion, Age Unknown

Tawny Owl (Likely Female)

Natural death 

Age unknown, At least adult


Finally…it’s time to get spoopy.

Grey wolf


Have paperwork

Probably the current jewel of my collection