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Ug. I can’t wait for my engineering courses to be done so I can start on my geology classes.

In the meantime, have some debatable delightful taxidermy from the little shop of horrors antique shop near my home town!

Honestly relating to that fox right now

kittie-707: another salvage on a very sweet b…


another salvage on a very sweet but unfortunate pup. she was sent to me as a dried pelt with legs and tail still in, “mounted” using stuffing and paper towels, and of course lost quite a bit of fur in the process of being saved (she apparently also smelled horribly of rot, but i was sick so i couldn’t tell.) just glad to have her done and able to rest easy now

formalde-hound: North American river otter sk…


North American river otter skull! This one’s going in my personal collection! 😍

Thank you to the peeps in @/gecko097’s VC server for helping me figure out whether I could keep it AND telling me the possible causes of that big dark spot!



A queen was lost, but not forgotten, the forest still whispers her name

(An old be/ar skull my dad found on his property. Looks like a female grizzly, but I’m not 100% sure)

chupacabracrafts: A day off and finally had ti…


A day off and finally had time to sit down and finish articulating Jynx’s stunning left front paw! @lolita_decay
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Saw the cutest little taxidermy at an antique store! ✨Was labeled as a pine marten but it looks more like a pole cat to me…?



Funky little jackelope mount at a local flea market. @vulture-kitty




Idk how to Tumblr, but @gallusrostromegalus check out these lovely chaps I saw in an antiques store over the weekend (is tagging you like this ok? I’m unsure)

It is extremely fortunate for my husband and dog that I was not there with you becuase I desperately want to take the first two home and call them “Montegomery” and “Irving” respectiviely, and leave them in seculded places for houseguests to find unexpectedly.

In other news, clearly I need to go to antique stores more often.

vultureteeth: Saw some good boys while out sh…


Saw some good boys while out shopping today! The “flying jackalope” was $200, it was actually really cute in person. 😂

beardless-bearded-vulture: A collection of we…


A collection of weird fox taxidermy (though I quite like the one with white eyes tbh)