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Sometimes it looks like they’re sleeping

This is one of my new babies! Stray d/o/g with an underbite that died in an abandoned building. If there are any d/o/g skull experts, I’m in need of help to find out what kind of breed it was!

I know it’s difficult, if not impossible, to know the breed 100%, but it’s worth a try.

Also found a dead f.awn beside the road near my house. The stink was god awful in this heat.

I also got a roadkill f.ox on Saturday! Had to traipse up the road at night so I’d be less obtrusive with my big buck knife and a transparent comforter bag stuffed with a bloody ani.mal corpse. Fairly certain I didn’t attract too much attention…
I didn’t get any before photos – sorry about that – but the f.ox had been smashed from the abdomen down, its intestines hanging out. Everything above was fortunately salvageable. So it’s been just three days after I secured it in my rot cage in the woods, temperatures in the upper 80s and low 90s with a deluge of rain, and I go back to see it’s already bone and fur! Dayum that was a pleasant surprise.

Also these are the go/at kids heads I found a month ago. The one on the left is a gift for a friend and I’ll keep the other two. The middle one has an interesting head shape and the one on the right is SO SMOL

Poor roadkill female ro/e de/er. I was only able to take the head, I’m pretty sure she was pregnant and I would have loved to also keep the baby tho.
I also moved her away from the road.





Not to be shocking or anything. I just wanted to see the muscles work. Look how her eye goes back into her skull a bit when her mouth opens!
Pretty neato I think.

Also both these little r.accoons were found as roadkill.