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A queen was lost, but not forgotten, the forest still whispers her name

(An old be/ar skull my dad found on his property. Looks like a female grizzly, but I’m not 100% sure)

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Lil’ s.parrow chick is all dried out now! For some reason its head caved in a little but other than that it’s perfect <3

Just gotta find a way to display it now.



i shaved my eyebrows off

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A day off and finally had time to sit down and finish articulating Jynx’s stunning left front paw! @lolita_decay
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Saw the cutest little taxidermy at an antique store! ✨Was labeled as a pine marten but it looks more like a pole cat to me…?



Funky little jackelope mount at a local flea market. @vulture-kitty




Idk how to Tumblr, but @gallusrostromegalus check out these lovely chaps I saw in an antiques store over the weekend (is tagging you like this ok? I’m unsure)

It is extremely fortunate for my husband and dog that I was not there with you becuase I desperately want to take the first two home and call them “Montegomery” and “Irving” respectiviely, and leave them in seculded places for houseguests to find unexpectedly.

In other news, clearly I need to go to antique stores more often.

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Posted with permission from the Oddities Warehouse facebook group.

“Found this guy at work. Just sharing. No I did not keep it.”

Photo by Cody Grimsley

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Saw some good boys while out shopping today! The “flying jackalope” was $200, it was actually really cute in person. 😂



🌙cute soft asks🕊

1. What is your birth name?

2. What’s your zodiac sign?

3. Describe your first kiss.

4. Favorite color?

5. What’s your favorite film?

6. What time period would you rather live in?

7. Favorite book of all time?

8. Would you be Alice in Wonderland or Luna Lovegood for a day?

9. Do you believe in magic?

10. Do you believe in soulmates?

11. Have you ever fell in love with someone at first sight?

12. What is the color of your eyes?

13. How would you describe your laughter?

14. What’s your favorite flower or plant?

15. Long walks in nature or by the ocean?

16. Sunny days or Rainy nights?

17. Coffee or Tea?

18. Cats or Dogs?

19. Do you usually wear makeup?

20. How would you describe your style?

21. Describe yourself in 3 words.

22. Favorite fictional character?

23. What fictional universe would you rather live in?

24. Favorite animal?

25. What is the best childhood memory you can remember?

26. Do you miss someone?

27. Have you ever been in love and if you had, do you still talk with that person?

28. Do you have a crush right now?

29. What’s the color of your hair?

30. What’s your biggest dream?