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Low Budget Vulture Culture Gift Ideas

•Do they like reading?

Make a bookmark! You could use fur, feathers, bones, etc. I’m currently making one for my sister that’s faux leather with a bone tied around the top part that would stick out of the book. (It’s also going to have the hermit tarot card on it!!!). Just make sure the bookmarks flat! And if you don’t have fabric to spare, use paper! It really doesn’t have to cost much to make

•What’s their favorite color?

Due to my sisters OCD and OCPD, she can only own things of certain colors. So I’m putting together a tin of bones, rocks, and knick knacks (like buttons) of those colors. I found out I already had a lot of that stuff!

•Do you use matches?

I made a small goodluck box for myself out of an old matchbox, and carry it with me everywhere. I painted the box, cut up thin cardboard to divide the inside into sections, and put small bones in it. You could also put claws, dried rodent feet, teeth, etc. in the box.

•Would they like regular VC items?

If they’d be okay with display pieces, take an old small bottle or glass container of any kind, take a mouse heart (frozen mice are like $3 at a pet store), put it in alcohol, and bam! $3 wet specimen.

•Are they Christian?

I’m not, but my aunt collects crosses. So one year I made her a cross out of dear bones and leather string. You could use any bones, let bones work best. If you wanna use smaller bones, you could make a Christmas ornament. Bigger crosses could hang on a wall.

•Are they a vulture?

Make them Vulture Culture stickers! All you need to make lick and stick stickers is elmers school glue and vinegar. Mix it 1:1 and paint onto the back of your sticker designs on regular paper, cut them out, and bam! Stickers.



Picture my friend sent me today



Spent part of my day hanging out with George, a 33-year-old turkey vulture! George is an old man, but he loves spreading his wings in the sun!

It is thought that vultures spread their wings to help them regulate their body temperature. A vulture’s body temperature can vary up to four degrees, especially over a cool night! Dark coloration and a large surface area make a good combination for absorbing some heat from the sun’s rays. This is why we joke that George is solar powered!

There is also a theory that when birds sun, the sunlight or the heat they absorb can help decrease the number of parasites and microorganisms that populate their feathers. This might prove helpful for a vulture, when their diet of carrion can have lots of bacteria growing on it.

jaynestrange: Sneak peek! (Can you guess what…


Sneak peek! (Can you guess what kind of skull it’s on?)


Found this poor thing near the today. Must have been trying to pick over the remains.


My mom told me about a roadkill near our house so I went to investigate. Walking alongside the road I saw something on the other side that was antler-shaped, albeit deceivingly stick-like, so I brushed it off as so, but my ever-present curiosity won the best of me and soon I was suspicious of its true identity. I crossed the road and lo and behold! It’s tiny, about seven inches long. It was broken off upon impact. The carcass was beside it on the grass. I searched for the other antler but the setting sun was too bright and I had to get home soon, but I’ll come back and try to find it later.



DiRtY sKuLls Go iN PeRoXiDe soup



Went out and saw some deads!



Sealing and protecting my (finally cleaned) valentines gift 🖤