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Move over, Money Cat–this is the Vulture Culture Kitty, who only shows up once in a cat’s age! Reblog her within five minutes and you’ll unearth some bone, hide or other natural treasure, whether in the deepest woods, or the shelves of an antique store. 

No you guys don’t understand.

I’m COMPELLED to reblog vulture kitty because, to date, this is the ONLY “magical reblog” post that has ever worked for me. The first time it happened I found a beautiful perfect turkey feather. The second time it happened I found an entire dead bird (which granted I couldn’t keep but I could take pictures)

While money cat has never, ever worked for me, in any of it’s iterations (nor has money snake, money lizard, or money anything else) vulture kitty has never failed me. She’s consistently worked. It’s uncanney. It’s like this little cat ghost is dragging in dead things for me like a live cat would.

idk how the Hell it happens but it happens.

Neat story about the actual skull in the photo–wayyyyy back when, a guy I was involved with for a few years told me that there were a few of his deceased pets buried in the back garden. He told me there was one particular Siamese cat whose skull he wanted to retrieve because he’d been so fond of her. So we went out to the garden, but he had no idea where she’d been buried, it had been so many years and he’d been a kid at the time. I walked around a bit, and then knelt down and pointed to a spot in the soil: “There. You need to dig THERE” I told him. Sure enough, about a foot or so down, was this little kitty skull. Never found the rest of her, just this bit. he gave her to me after we broke up a couple of years later because he thought I should have her. She hangs over my altar to this day.