shadyufo: Crazy Eyes the equine skull is all …


Crazy Eyes the equine skull is all finished!

This old gal’s enlarged eye sockets have the appearance of a wicked cartoon villain! What caused the deformity is unknown but it appears to be some sort of bone cancer or inflammatory disease. Along with the inflamed bone around the eye sockets there are also pitted areas of bone which were just beginning to form along both zygomatic arches and up along where they connect to the skull. I’ve cleaned dozens of horse, donkey, and mule skulls over the years and I’ve never seen an equine skull with this sort of deformity! 

As for what kind of equine she is exactly, she’s either a mule or a huge donkey. Hard to tell which for sure.

Honored to add this unique gal to my collection! PS Check out that cute lil wolf tooth <3