🌻cottagecore asks🌻

quilt – what brings you comfort?

candle – what are you passionate about?

bouqet – what is your favourite flower?

home – do you have a place where you feel like you belong?

lavender – what scents relax you?

scrapbook – describe a favourite memory of yours

cupboard – do you collect anything?

teddy bear – what reminds you of being a child?

envelope – describe someone that you love

attic – what is something about yourself that you try to hide from others?

basket – what items do you always carry with you?

bookshelf – which books and movies have influenced your life the most?

pillow – do you have any recurring dreams?

record player – name a song that reminds you of a fond memory

cursive – do you keep a journal?

honey – what do you love most about yourself?