In preparation for the upcoming Skeleton War, I will be reviewing skull emojis for accuracy, scariness, and overall charm!

Very skinny jaw- has he been starved? Nonetheless, a fearsome and menacing skull who would be an asset to the Skeleton Army. Also the only one who has a chin. 7/10

The 2D look is not working here. This looks like a Halloween window decal that would fall off after two days. 2/10

Microsoft’s bold outlines usually create a disturbing image, but I feel likeit works for the skull emoji. He looks like he is emerging from the void. 6/10, looks a little like an electric socket.

He is so sad! The tilted eye sockets make him seem like he has lost all hope in the world. 3/10, pitiful and not useful to the Army.

This is a socially isolated jellyfish. 0/10

A sturdy and big-boned fellow! He would carry through his military deities with strength and perseverance. 9/10, slightly neanderthalic.

Looks like a tiny ghost. 3/10 for the nice shading on the temples.

This resembles a plastic bag with holes in it. Or an octopus with a mustache. Either way not a skull -1/10

NOW THIS IS A SCARY SKULL! He’s unsettling but that’s the look we’re going for. Supermodels envy those cheekbones. 11/10

Sickly. Brings pestilence and famine upon the skeleton army. Death to all who look upon him.