Ask me about Vulture Culture!


1 – When did you start collecting?

2 – How much has your collection grown
since you started?

3 – What’s your favorite thing to

4 – What do you have the most of?
(Species, or skulls/bones/pelts/taxidermy)

5 – Where do you like going to buy or
find deads?

6 – Do you have a favorite piece?

7 – Share a photo of
something from your collection and tell us the story behind it.

8 – What has been your best find? (In
a store, online, roadkill, or woods?)

9 – Do you process your own animals?
If yes, what is your favorite part? What’s your least favorite part?

10 – What was your first
ever specimen?

11 – Do you have any
Vulture Culture related regrets?

12 – Has being involved in
Vulture Culture made a positive impact on your life in some way?

13 – If you could have any
animal part in your collection what would you want the most?

14 – What is your favorite
Vulture Culture experience so far?

15 – Share a story about a
Vulture mishap or adventure.

16 – Is there anything you
wish you’d known when you first got interested in Vulture Culture?

17 – Do friends or family
tell you about roadkill they saw?

18 – Do you name your
skulls, bones, pelts, etc?

19 – Do you make Vulture
Culture related crafts?

20 – Have you ever thought
that you were going to be sick while cleaning something?

21 – What’s the biggest
mistake you made while cleaning something?

22 – Do you talk to your
family and friends about bones? What do they think about it?

23 – Can you share a
Vulture Culture tip?

24 – What’s one of your
strangest finds?

25 – What do you hope to
do in the future of your Vulture Culture adventure?