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Spirit Communication Tarot Spread

Last week while picnicking, some witchy friends and I stumbled upon an almost complete skeleton of a whitetail faun. We gathered the bones, and I took home the skull and a few other pieces. I scoured the internet but couldn’t find any tarot spreads on (respectful & consensual) communication with animal remains, so I took the liberty of creating one myself and sharing it with all of you! Forgive my awful spread sketch, it’s nearly 4am and I’m more than a little sleepy!


I started off with a quick pendulum reading, just asking the spirit if they were willing to talk with me and making sure they were ready to discuss their passing with me.

•Cards 1-4: Basically a little “Tell me about yourself” exercise. Each card tells you something about the spirit, card #4 being the most important.
•Cards 5-9: “How can I honor you?” These cards represent a way that you can honor the spirit of the animal you’re connecting with and how you can best make them feel respected and appreciated, card #9 being the most important.
•Cards 10-12: How the animal passed of from the physical plane of existence. It’s important to note, that not all spirits are ready or comfortable talking about their passing, so please be respectful and kind.
•Cards 13-16: Anything else the spirit wants you to know about themself. This can be anything from how they feel regarding their passing, to places they frequented as a living creature.

Let me know if you use this spread; I’d love to hear about other people’s experiences communicating with animal spirits and how they use their cards to connect with other beings!