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More cool coyote colors! 

Those brindle ones are cool!

I really want to get some of these live and see if it’s possible to breed for specific colour mutations like with foxes

Should be possible actually. Keeping colour phases in captivity is quite easy. 

Is it just me or does the brindle on right look rather… off? Very big and fluffy.

Yeah I caught onto that after I reblogged it. I’m wondering if it could be a crossbreed to a dog (or just a dog). Brindle in coyotes had to come from somewhere, no other canid has that coat colour except domestic dogs. While white, red, piebald occurs in wild canids rarely, brindle (and black and tan) seems to be exclusively dog orientated so some crossbreeding had to occur. 

So just now, did some digging into this. Here’s another shot of the questionable animal.

This originates from New York. A state well known for weird looking coyotes. For some reason, they produce so many weird ones compared to other states. Especially the Wire Coated Coyotes that seem to get trapped/hunted up there, obviously some localized mutation or dog mixing – if you take away their weird fur though, they’d look pretty pure to a coyote, although some trapped there had some round looking muzzles. One trapper up there has caught numerous wire coated coyotes. 

And in PA, there seems to be some long hairs that occur sometimes.

Another PA long coat with white face (and maybe mange)

However, this brindle fluffy coyote/coydog could also just be a dog!

Unfortunately, shepherd and husky like dogs do get mistaken for coyotes and wolves by those uneducated on comparing the traits and knowing canines well. So this lack of knowledge leads to dogs being shot and assumed “coyote or wolf”.  

Look at this long coated dutch shepherd, it looks remarkably like the carcass :

Eastern Coyotes do have dog as a genetic contributor, but it’s a very small sliver. But even that small amount of very distant dog ancestry brings out typical dog colours/patterns in coyote rarely. Finding a true F1 coydog is incredibly rare, since coyotes tend to avoid dogs naturally and dogs tend to display a prey drive towards them. 

That brindle puppet looks straight up like a Dutch shepherd 🙁